Friday, December 4, 2009

New Attack on Christmas the Worst Yet: Updated

In past years, there have been complaints on the "attack on Christmas", especially with stores refusing to acknowledge the holiday in their ads. This year it's gone way past that.

Yesterday it was Mrs. Claus sleeping with a snowman and today it's Rude Frosty. Radicals are telling us not to celebrate Christmas due to the environment and humanists are running ads on buses to defeat Christmas. (Links to each of these below.)

I'm sorry, but I think this is more than a matter of bad taste. It appears to be an all out assault on the religious holiday, tearing down any and every symbol of it. We should all be screaming. Even those who are not Christians should be screaming at this assault on the culture and on their children.

Either the media no longer has any sense of morality or they are doing this in a conscious effort to destroy the innocence and wonder of a religious holiday. Either way, it's not a good thing.


Mrs. Claus-

Radical environmentalist-


Christians must stand up now while they still can, and those who are not Christians might want to think about joining them, before the next group to be attacked like this is yours.

UPDATE: Here's another little gem to add to the list; "Santa Claus is Coming Out" on Broadway, where Santa has a relationship with toymaker Geppeto:

Be sure, also, to check the explosive post on Gateway Pundit about the "Safe Schools" czar and his reading list for kids (warning: explicit)

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