Monday, September 28, 2009

Ah, compassion....Valerie Jarrett style.

The conservatives are always being accused of not caring about people. Just this week, our local paper had a column about "What Would Jesus Do" and made it clear that real Christians would be backing Obama's healthcare. It's nauseating to see them use the word of God to push their agenda and lie about the intentions of anyone who would oppose their plan.

The libs are supposed to be the compassionate ones. Is Valerie Jarrett their poster child for compassion?

"Grove Parc Plaza was given $4 Mil to upgrade the 500 apartment structure. At that time it was given a failing grade of 82 and 3 yrs later after the $4 Mil was declared unlivable w/a grade of 13. It was declared unlivable due to fire damage, mice running in the halls and roofs collapsing. Wonder who got the $4 Mil, the poor Blacks living in those mice infested heatless projects or the corrupt politicians. Her company was able to give Obama a $10,000 contribution even though they couldn’t turn on the heat for the building during -20 degree temps. She was forced to turn on the heat after being sued by the courts. This is the same person who will be rationing your medical care."

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May the TRUE liberals wake up! These people are not the friend of the poor, the oppressed, the children, the minorities. Those are the pawns in their chess game. Better get out there with the Tea Party people before it's too late.

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