Friday, September 4, 2009

Must See TV...Fall Propaganda Lineup?

I did a little digging this week, after hearing about the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) issue, where they were urging artists to promote the Obama agenda. I came across this little gem:

You may recall that the NEA referred to the "Corporation", and I decided to see just who that was. It turned out to ne the Corporation For National and Community Service (CNCS), which you have probably heard of before. This is the same "Corporation" that saw to it that Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired, and now it appears they have big plans for our fall TV lineup!

From the article:

"National service will be at the center of television programming this fall on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, The NonProfit Times has learned. The White House, The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), AARP and the Corporation For National and Community Service are expected to be part of the announcement of the initiative in coming days.

Also involved is the Points of Light Institute and other organizations that were part of the ServiceNation Summit held this past September. Calls to the participating organizations either went unreturned or spokespeople have declined to comment on the record.

The announcement is expected to involve First Lady Michelle Obama and leaders of all of the organizations involved, multiple sources told The NonProfit Times. The effort is similar to the EIF’s push this past September for Stand Up To Cancer, an event to raise money for cancer research that involved network programming.

In this case, instead of one show simulcast on the broadcast outlets, national service will be written into shows on all of the outlets. There will also be public service spots and online outreach.

“It’s about how to amplify the president’s call to service, to get more Americans involved in service,” one source told The NonProfit Times.

OK, maybe it's just me... but this sure sounds like Propaganda TV, especially knowing the CNCS is involved. Someone needs to look into this and find out just what else they have planned for us, besides all major media and national artists?

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