Friday, September 4, 2009

Just Another Labor Day at the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)

I had a few people asking about this "brouhaha" with Obama's speech and lesson plan for the school kids next week. I decided to see if I could find the suggestions for the older kids, so I typed "obama activities grades 9-12" into Google. It took me to a link to a delightful lesson plan on Labor Day presented by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Here is a little excerpt:
"Often we take aspects of the work world for granted. For example, that a CEO will be better paid than a construction worker. Or that being a teacher is more important than is being a waiter. These assumptions allow us to perpetuate a system that allows gross inequities in pay between professions, and designates some jobs as less important than others, no matter how much society depends on them."
Gee, it kind of sounds like they might be promoting the same pay across the board, no matter what your job is, doesn't it? That doesn't sound quite right...

Here's a little more:
Immigrants take jobs away from native-born Americans.
Immigrants concentrated in low-skilled jobs drive down wages.
Immigrants don't pay taxes.
If there weren't so many immigrants taking jobs, unemployment would be lower.
Immigrants send most of what they earn to their home countries and as a result, they don't stimulate the economy.

Note: All five statements are common beliefs, yet each can be disproved. This section of the activity is based on the book, “‘They Take Our Jobs!’ and 20 Other Myths About Immigration,” by Aviva Chomsky.

Who is this Aviva Chomsky that they reference? Well, it appears she is the daughter of Noam Chomsky, libertarian socialist and anarchist. She apparently considers illegal immigration laws to be "legalized discrimination" (see her article here). She seems to advocate removing ANY restrictions on immigration (see her article here).

I think a lot of people on the left find it ridiculous that anyone opposes Obama coming into the classroom. What they don't seem to "get" is that many people feel that an Obama curriculum, if taken further, would eventually end up looking a lot like the lesson plan above....and that is definitely a problem. Why don't we wait until that happens? I think we have found out that the time for waiting is over.

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