Thursday, September 17, 2009

Color Me Steadfast's all over the news and it is relentless. Never in our history have we been unable to voice any disagreement with the administration without being called a racist. You can't even look Obama directly in the eye without Maureen Dowd claiming it was a "threatening" look and a code look for racism. You couldn't suggest something he might like for lunch or someone would say it was an ethnic food and you were insinuating...something? And whatever you were insinuating, it is most definitely racism.

I will remain steadfast and I refuse to be intimidated by this obvious technique they are using. I will continue to protest legislation that I feel is wrong, even if my own friends and collegues in my community falsely label me for it. I will continue to write letters to the editor, even if the liberals in my community label me a racist for expressing disagreement. I will even call someone's methods socialism or communism if I feel that is what they are.

Race has been used by the left for years. It is a career for the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many more. It is a way to divide and conquer. It is a way to keep people dependent on a socialist system. It is a terribly destructive device that they have used in an evil way. Now is the time to stand up, remain steadfast and refuse to allow it to continue.

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