Friday, April 3, 2015

Problems Abound With Article V- Convention of States- Con Con Movement: The Definitive Study Links

As the Convention of States movement marches forward, sending their paid staff into state legislatures around the country, many citizens have spent countless unpaid hours researching and writing on the many concerns. Although quickly dismissed by those promoting a "Con Con", it is imperative to read through these resources and become truly informed.

Thank you to Mike Hazard for his excellent work in putting this resource list together.

Follow the Money -

Those Who Oppose a Con Con (Article V Convention of States)

Ben Swan

Mark Levin Wants to Play Russian Roulette with the US Constitution

Cheryl Pass

The Joining of Questionable Characters in the Convention of States

Follow The Money to the Article V Convention

Convention of States, Michael Farris is Grasping at Poison Straws

Sticks and Stones-Advancing Constitutional Principles in the New Media

Michelle Horstman

Compact For America’s Con Con – Yes There Are Big Concerns

Article V Con-Con Groups in a Coalition – Who is Holding Hands With Whom

Michael Farris Justifies Working With Radicals in Convention States

Tea parties – It’s time to know the Company you Keep

What’s the Outcome Expected From an Article V Convention

Extremism in the ConCon Article V Movement Cannot Be Ignored

Congressional Research Service

The Article V Convention to Propose Constitutional Amendments : Contemporary Issues For Congress

The Article V Convention for Proposing Constitutional Amendments: Historical Perspectives for Congress

Congressional Report Validates JBS Convention Concerns (From Tim Baldwin, who promotes Art. V)

Constitutional Related Articles

Supremacy Clause Versus the Tenth Amendment


Marbury V. Madison

How the Tenth Amendment Affected the Fifth Article of the Constitution 

Diane Marie

Con Con – Throwing the Baby Out With The Bath Water

Diane Rufino

Nullification vs. Article V Constitutional Convention: Where is the honest and Open Discussion

Edwin Viera

Article V Convention: A titanic Irrelevance

John Birch Society (JBS)

Republicans and Democrats Working Together to Rewrite the Constitution

Working Together to Re-write the Constitution

Socialists and Soros Fight for Article V Convention

Sen. Tom Coburn to Join Push for Constitutional Convention

The Not-so-Smart ALEC

Levin’s Risky Proposal: A Constitutional Convention

In Defense of a Con-Con, Meckler Chooses Ridicule Over Rebuttal

Mark Meckler Ridicules Those Opposed to Constitutional Convention

Revolutionary Communist party Proposes New Continental Constitution

Amendment Resolution Compliments Wolf-Pac Con-Con Plan

No Con Con Plan

Oklahoma Won’t Apply For Con Con – Votes Not There

AMAC Endorses a Constitutional Convention

Article V Promoter Praises Democratic Leadership In Movement

Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, calling for a Con Con

Washington Times

Mark Levin is wrong: A Lawless Government not the Constitution, Needs Nullified

Kelleigh Nelson

The Constitutional Convention Con – Part 1
The Constitutional Convention Con – Part 2

Phyllis Schlafly

Good Advice Against a Con Con

Janine Hansen

“Article V Convention: Pouring Gasoline on the Burning Constitution”

Publius Huldah

We Don’t need an Article V Convention to “Clarify” Our Constitution

Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments”: Legalizing Tyranny

Article V Convention: How “individuals of insidious views” are stealing our Constitution

Understanding the Constitution

Mark Levin Refuted: Keep the Feds in Check with Nullification, not Amendments

The “Convention of States” Scam, the War Over the Constitution, and how the States Sold the Reserved Powers to the Feds

Parental Rights Amendment: Congressmen Are Selling You and Your Kids Out to Big Government

Parental Rights: God-Given and Unalienable? Or Government-granted and Revocable?
Miscellaneous Articles

The Convention of States (COS) is an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con Con) supported and Funded by the Elitists

The Talking Heads Connection to the Con Con       Americans For Prosperity/Mark Levin

Beware the Convention of Snakes / Article V Convention Campaign

Stop The “Con-Con” Con

Why the Con-Con is a No Go

Choose Freedom  Stop a Con Con

 ALEC on Article V Conventions

Constitution For the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal)

Partisan Committees Discuss Protocols for an Inevitable Article V Convention