Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who is Financing the Celebs' New Elector Swaying Video?

America's favorite progressive celebs are out in full force, featured in their new video which asks Republican electors to be "heroes" and vote against Trump. Aligned with groups such as the Hamilton Electors (who ask people to wear Hillary Purple at their local rallies), you will find all of the usual leftist financing and organizing behind it. (Video is HERE, if you have not seen it.)

At the end of the video, it tells us the video was paid for by "Americans Take Action". Upon visiting their site, you will find NO real information about who they are. This is true of so many of these activist sites, who try to make visitors think they are "just folks" and give absolutely no information on who they really are:

We are just regular everyday Americans – engineers and teachers, activists and lawyers, trade unionists and professionals, scientists and nurses – who believe in making a difference, having an impact, and leaving the planet a little better off than how we found it. As practical people, whenever we face a challenge, Americans take action to fix it.

However, they inadvertently give it away when you visit the site of their current campaign to dump Trump, which they call December 19. This is where they are attempting to organize rallies nationwide:

We the People will come together at every state capitol across the United States to call on the Electors of the Electoral College to listen to the voice of the people and refuse to cast their ballots for Donald Trump.

Their related effort from Unite for America asks participants to wear Hillary Purple to these events. (In case you wondered why Hillary and her entourage wore purple at her concession speech, now you know):


Wear purple as a symbol of both sides of the aisle, Red and Blue, coming together to stop Trump and protect our nation.

They are encouraging electors to vote for Kasich in Trump's place.

The December19 page has a donation form at the bottom of the page, where it is clear that donations will process through the Action Network. You will see here that the Action Network is the premiere organizing tool for just about every progressive movement out there. The home page talks bout their tools for Netroots Nation and the New Organizing Institute (now "Wellstone Action"). Further exploring shows further partnerships, including AFL-CIO, United We dream and the Daily Kos.

Take it a step further by visiting their Corporate Action Network, and you finally begin to get some actual names and associations behind all of this. Their "team" page shares bios of people with resumes full of working for SEIU, Soros' Center for American Progress, Elizabeth Warren and John Kerry.

Along with the already known players that include Lawrence Lessig, Van Jones, and former Dem operative and  La Raza alum  Polly Baca, it is abundantly clear exactly what this is all about.

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